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Take a whiff, friends. The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, bringing with it the increasing ability to dress in layers without looking like your internal thermometer is more suited to living on the sun and a whisper on the wind that it is time for a haircare pivot to ready your locks for colder weather. And who better to help us get our hair back on track for fall than Ginger & Maude Lead Stylist Stina, whose hair is literally the color of autumn itself?

She recommends:
-Switching to a hydrating shampoo, like KEVIN.MURPHY’S HYDRATE-ME.WASH (if you find that hydrating shampoo is a bit too much for your hair, a leave-in conditioner like UN.TANGLED SPRAY is a great alternative)
-Getting your 3- or 6-month haircut to remove that summer-time damage (don’t wait; book now!)
-Applying a rejuvenating treatment like YOUNG.AGAIN to your mid-lengths and ends will help keep everything soft and supple.

The time to keep our clothes fitting like blankets, our food tasting like comfort, and our Instagram feeds looking like PR for the pumpkin patch is within sight. Let’s greet it with flawless hair.