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It’s an absolutely terrible feeling, isn’t it? The moment of panic that stops you in the midst of moseying about your day with a single whisper: I forgot their birthday.

We’re not judging. We’ve been there too. And what we’ve learned is that how we save face is largely a matter of timing.

Is it still their date of birth? Easy! Send them a Ginger & Maude® eGift Card with a heartfelt note. Sure, it’s later in the day, but a birthday is, by default, twenty-four hours long (some even stretch it to a whole week or month!), so the moment def hasn’t been missed completely.

Has the day already come and gone? Well, that certainly makes things a bit trickier, but the way we see it, you’ve got two options:

  1. Cut off all contact with the owner of the birthday in question. Leave the city. Forget you ever knew them. If you happen to run into them on the street one day five years from now, pretend to be someone else. Sure, it might be a tad dramatic and you lose your friend forever, but it certainly saves you from ever having to acknowledge #thebirthdayunremembered. It’s an option.

  2. Send them a Ginger & Maude® eGift Card with a heartfelt note. (Recommended)


Gift cards have gotten an unfairly bad rap over the years if you want our opinion. We thought they were pretty cool anyway, because let’s be honest, life gets expensive, and receiving a gift card means you get to visit your favorite shops basically for free. What a treat!

But especially now that they are electronic, we’re a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y buzzy over them. 

You may have heard us mention our issues with single-use plastic once or twice. Did you know this also extends to gift cards? The sad fact is not all plastic is actually recycled or even recyclable, and unfortunately, the material typically used in physical gift cards makes them one of the phonies. An eGift card offers all the joy without the waste.

Speaking of joy, let’s talk about the convenience of being able to simply email one to the intended recipient and then having it just LIVE THERE for them when they need it next. Easy sending and consistent locatability, friends… This is what dreams are made of.

And to sweeten the deal, a gift sent electronically eliminates the rising shipping costs (monetary and environmental) associated with mailing one to our far-away friends, as well as the wait time—a huge bonus when that sinking realization has us feeling like the White Rabbit running late, late for a very important date.


(Btw, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Can’t relate. I’ve literally never had that happen,” congratulations! That is very impressive, and an eGift card may still be the perfect option for you too. While instantaneous delivery is a prime draw-in, the ability to schedule your gift card’s arrival at a future date means your totally-on-top-of-it, plan-ahead mind now has one less thing to worry about. Hell. Yeah.)

With a straightforward and step-by-step online purchasing experience, a selection of fun designs (including one exclusive to Ginger & Maude!), and multiple ways to pay, Ginger & Maude® eGift Cards are a simple, accessible, and meaningful way to let your favorite folks know you’re thinking about them and have got them covered for their next service or in-salon product restock. Freckles thinks so too.