Here’s a hot take: We all need at least an occasional moment to unwind. It’s our opinion that hair appointments should provide that moment—we mean, obviously, right? That’s why we’ve incorporated a head massage into all our services.*

But did you know that relaxation isn’t the only perk of massage? Oh, no, no, no, friends. Scalp massage provides a whole host of plus-column items for our bodies, our hair, and our general well-being, including promoting balance within the nervous system, decreasing stress levels, lowering blood pressure while increasing blood circulation, boosting mood, and stimulating hair follicles, all of which play a role in improving hair growth (and life, frankly). It also relieves muscle tension, lessening the frequency of headaches and neck pain (and you KNOW we could all stand to lose a few pain-in-the-necks).

So come take a seat at our shampoo bowl, won’t you? (You’ve got to try our new footrests.) We’ll warm the water, wash your hair, and then once that rinse is applied, it. is. ON.
A couple minutes of bliss brought to you by our exclusive Ginger & Maude
® head massage, designed with our favorite clients—that’s you—in mind and performed by stylists specially trained to transport you straight into your dream vacay feels.
Are you dreaming? Not at all, darling. This is your very real, oh-so-luxurious life.
But hey, we won’t blame you for catching a few Zs either.

And when the shampoo-bowl experience leaves you internally channeling Veruca Salt screaming, “I WANT MORE AND I WANT IT NOW,” our Scalp Treatment and Deep Treatment services both include an extended massage portion, because we’re here for you and we want you to be happy.


*Excluding 11 & Under Cuts, Bang Creations, and Bang Trims. Also, if sitting through a head massage sounds like your idea of personal hell, just let us know it’s gonna be a hard pass for you and we'll totally skip it!