Hair Buckets 1020.jpg

Ever come in to get your hair cut, and seeing your locks cascaded across the floor, thought to yourself, “I wonder what else that hair could become?”

We hadn’t either, but someone did, and let us tell you–thank goodness for that person. Because of them and their top-notch curiosity, we’ll be using hair to store our hair!

Whatever do we mean?!

So glad you asked.

You may have heard us mention before that we participate in a salon recycling program through Green Circle Salons. Working with this organization, we have been able to save TONS of beauty waste from going into landfills, being used instead for things like clean energy, car parts and bicycles, and environmental technology research and development. 

Now, through a partnership with Virginia Tech, these wizards of beauty sustainability have created a truly closed-loop solution for storing discarded hair clippings, foil, color tubes, and color: bio-composite plastic bins!

Made from recycled plastics and 1.5 pounds of recovered hair per bin these babies are more durable and lightweight than standard plastic, meaning they’ll last longer than a typical storage bin, helping us to further lower our carbon footprint. And what’s more, they’re recyclable, so even when our time with them has come to an end, they’re guaranteed to keep on keepin’ on in an environmentally-friendly fashion. So. Much. Sustainability.

Do we love?

You’re damn right we do.

We are so proud to be one of the over 16,000 Waste Warriors participating in Green Circles Salons’ recycling program, joining them in their quest to help people and the planet, and doing our part to “make beauty beautiful.”