May Reverse Milkmaid Braids. 800.jpg
Long hair is often held synonymous with glamour, and rightfully so. But when that summer heat hits and our cascading locks are suddenly clinging to our neck like they moonlight as a furnace and just existing so. damn. close. to us ALL the time like the world’s most overbearing hat, leaving us feeling like an angry, overheated swamp monster looking for the nearest sharp object to hack them all off? That’s a next-level hanger type of feeling—very little glamour involved. 

Luckily, May doesn’t want that life for us, and she’s coming to our rescue with not one, but two, quick and easy tutorials for styles that will move the hair up and away from our quickly melting bodies in a very cute fashion, so we can keep the glorious mane, minus the heat-induced rage. A blessing.

Helpful items for these styles are:
-KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY–for adding texture and grit+hairspray
-KEVIN.MURPHY UN.TANGLED–applied when wet for extra moisture
-KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR–to refresh second- or third-day hair
-KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR–for adding texture and grit
-Clear elastics (May's a big fan of these ones.)

-Bobby pins
-A comb
-Hope for a cooler tomorrow

Braided Topknot:

Reverse Milkmaid Braids:

Now, let’s all take a deep breath and get the hair off our necks, shall we? We’ll get through this. 

P.S. Don’t forget your sunscreen.