At Ginger & Maude, we love a good gift. But even more than that, we love a good gift that is convenient, hassle-free, and sustainable.

Enter: eGift cards. 

Not only is an eGift card to the salon one of the absolute BEST gifts to receive (in our humble opinion), it’s also a gift to the environment, because it’s plastic-free and paperless, reducing the amount of waste going into landfills.
As if that weren’t enough all on its own, eGift cards are a breath of fresh air for the giver, since they require NO WRAPPING and are delivered instantly, and worry-free for the receiver, because they’re linked to their email, meaning they’ll never get lost! Give us a minute while we revel in the beauty of it all.

Holiday shopping can be a lot, y’all. eGift cards offer an easier, more sustainable way to send a meaningful gift to those you love, and we are so here for that. You can purchase one at any Ginger & Maude salon or online 24/7. (#convenience)

P.S. Gifting YOURSELF an eGift card is also completely valid. Just sayin’.