It’s been a long time coming, y’all, hasn’t it?

Remember when you used to come in for a salon visit, and we’d offer a cup of coffee, and you’d enjoy a Werther’s Original (the de facto gramma candy) and maybe sneak one in your bag to-go and we’d pretend we didn’t notice because that’s what grammas do?
Yeah, we miss those days too.
We were thinking… Why not bring them back?
Like, possibly this Thursday?
Yes! If you’ve been in the salon in the last week, you’ve probably laid eyes on our freshly-filled, fancy candy dishes of the classic caramel hard candies. 
BUUUT. Starting on Thursday, we’re restarting our drink service too. Coffee? Tea? Wine? What’s your vibe? Gramma’s got you.
What makes it all the more joyous is the cups we’re bringing them to you in (because we know you’ve heard our “down with single-use” rant). After a good deal of searching, we have finally—FINALLY—found 100% compostable cups that are produced completely without trees. Instead, they’re made out of unbleached sugarcane fiber, a by-product of sugar production that is both sustainable and renewable. And have we mentioned the lining? It’s a big part of what makes single-use cups such a no-no, since it often contains plastic or wax. The lining of these cups is completely free of both, making them truly and fully biodegradable.

Of course, you’re still welcome to ride that sustainability train one stop further and bring your own clean, reusable mug in for self-serve coffee and water!
So come on in, deary, and sip away. We’re excited too.
(Is it just us, or did Peaches & Herb just break out with a quiet rendition of “Reunited” all over the city?)
Reunited, and it does feel so good.