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Did you know?? Portland Public Schools start at the end of this month! (Where did the summer go?!)

Now’s the perfect time to get your little one in for a quick trim before the big day, and we're so grateful to have your trust with your child and their back-to-school look.

At Ginger & Maude®, our business may be cutting hair, but our passion is protecting bodies. This means that each and every person walking through our door’s autonomy, voice, and personal style is honored, encouraged, and respected. We make an extra point to extend this to our younger clients.
Our hair is one major way we’re able to express ourselves and show the world a bit of who we are. It’s a terrible and all-too-common occurrence, we think, leaving a salon feeling like we weren’t heard at all and wondering where the nearest hat shop is. On the other side, there are few joys like that of our voice being acknowledged and receiving a haircut that makes us feel more at home in our skin.
When it comes to kids especially, having the power to choose what is right for them and the ability to communicate that in a receptive environment that meets them with respect encourages growth with boundaries, boosts self-esteem, and helps foster a healthy sense of independence and identity.
If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that a visit to the hair salon should be an empowering, feel-good experience, and it is a great opportunity for children to practice speaking their truth and holding agency over their bodies in a safe and supportive space. Our goal is to provide just that. As such, we’re taking a few moments to highlight some of our philosophies and boundaries regarding children and haircuts so everyone knows what to expect ahead of their next visit.

Haircuts are Based on Individual Wants, Not Gender
We absolutely refuse to gender any haircut. Period. Instead, our aim is to give your child hair they feel good about in a way that works for them. It’s really that simple.

Constant Consent is Non-Negotiable
A haircut is ready to begin when all parties involved are giving a firm, “Yes!” to both the service itself and the haircut being discussed. For our very young and/or nonverbal friends, this will look like sitting in the chair with body language that says they’re ready to start (though we know they can be squirmy!).
If a child is upset or uncomfortable and cannot be comforted, we will not move forward with the service. Haircuts should be fun and enjoyable—holding children down to trim a few hairs is just not our jam.

The Child is the Client!
We want to hear from both of you, and will absolutely ask if there is any information you’d like to share when you arrive. After that, if they feel up to it and are able to, we will consult with and direct our questions toward your child.
We suggest having a conversation with them beforehand to get at least a loose plan in place of what they want so they feel less on the spot when they arrive!

Come in with Clean, Dry, Untangled Hair
The 10 & Under Cut does not allow time for a shampoo, so we ask that all kids come in with clean, dry, and untangled hair. (Washed within the last day or so is totally okay.)
Naturally curly hair deserves a proper curly cut! Have them come in with clean, curl-set hair so we can see their curl pattern.

Bigger Changes Require Bigger Service Times
The 10 & Under Cut is designed for kids under the age of 11 who just need a maintenance trim. It is for small changes and upkeep, and does not include a shampoo or blow-dry. If your child is looking to make a bigger change, and/or wants/requires a shampoo and blowout or longer service time, please schedule a standard haircut or consultation.

No Color Services for the Kids
We do not offer chemical services of any kind for children under the age of 12.

We’re so excited to welcome you both into the salon!

P.S. Got a kid who wants a cut but is feeling a little nervous? Give us a call! We’re happy to set up a time for them to meet their stylist prior to the service at no extra charge.